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Funkeh Smoo

funkee icons for all.

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This is an icon community created by t_aimer to keep all the icons she's made.

I welcome all members, though at the moment it's set so only I get to post, since this is basically my icon journal.

In this community I have a little surprise entry that you can check out. I can't guarantee an instant response, of course, but when I have time I do try to fill all requests.

I've started to join various icontests around, and so you can find my awards post here.

If you are looking for something in particular then you could look through the community memories, I update them regularly to organise all the entries. You can also use the tags, which will probably get you what you want quicker.

- Comment if you are taking anything.
- Even if you aren't taking anything, comments are welcome.
- Textless icons are not bases.
- Credit either funkeh_smoo or t_aimer when you do take something.
- You don't have to credit when you take screencaps, but it's nice if you do.

Refer to the resources post.

If you find anything of yours that I'm using without credit, chances are I have lost the link and didn't know whose it was, so please let me know!

My LJ layout is courtesy of premade_ljs.